6 Tips for a Brilliant Michiana Fall Landscape

As the days start to cool off, so too do our summer flowers. All through the warm months, your warm weather landscaping has greeted you, your employees, and your clients with beautiful, fragrant blossoms and there's no reason why you should give that up for fall. Autumn is one of the best times for a colorful landscaping design because it is when nature gives its final show of vibrancy and life before going to sleep for the winter, ready to blossom again in the spring. If your summer garden is starting to fade, it's time to re-focus your landscaping efforts on producing fall colors in their place. Here are 6 great ideas for brilliant Michiana fall landscape all the way up to the first freeze.

1) Sedum

For those big, fluffy blooms of bright and glorious color, Sedums are a wonderfully reliable flower especially for those planting in and around the midwest. Notoriously sturdy, sedums can grow up to two feet tall and end in sizable clusters of burgundy, dusty pink, and purple, then fade to an attractive rusty color. Sedums are particularly well suited to the coming chill and their names like "Autumn Joy" and "Frosty Morn" highlight their fall vigor.

2) Strawflower

If you want a flower bed full of the brightest fall colors imaginable, you can't go wrong with strawflower. Blooming in a classic radial shape, these brilliant flowers come in an array of yellow, orange, and red, often with all three colors visible on the same bloom. The most common form of strawflower has an orange center and bright yellow petals that taper to bright red and orange tips so they look like soft little flames in your garden. These annual perennials look great when paired with a few strategically placed pumpkins.

3) Fothergilla

An odd name for a lovely shrub, fothergilla is a great investment if you want a plant that is delightful in both spring and fall. These normally green, leafy shrubs sprout fluffy white flowers in the spring, but when fall comes around their leaves turn an undeniably gorgeous shade of red-orange, and in some cases bright crimson. If you want a Michiana fall landscape that changes color with the season, the fothergilla is sure to please you. It lasts year-round, won't have to be replanted, and can be counted on to add amazing color to your landscape every single fall.

4) Smokebush

Smokebush, a unique shrub that grows well in the midwest, has lovely purple and maroon leaves year-round and can grow up into elegant fluffy trees. In an odd transformation of fall foliage, when the smokebush gets cold, it's cool purple leaves torch up into a brilliant combination of bright purply red and the occasional deep dark purple. This means they can be used as a unique color accent all year round, growing them into shade trees or keeping them trimmed down to gorgeous topiary depending on your design.

5) Summersweet

Naturally, your Michiana fall landscape design isn't complete without a touch of bright yellow in the mix. A few summersweet shrubs can be counted on to produce a glorious array of vivid yellow leaves speckled with festive red and green accents. When fall comes to a close, they will last through the winter and return in the spring and summer with beautiful fluffy white and pink flowers to delight anyone who walks through your garden.

6) Chinese Pistachio

Don't want to go with maples like everyone else? If you want a tree that turns a breathtaking shade of red every year with an attractive slender trunk and artful branch structure, you can't go wrong with the Chinese pistachio. Don't get your hopes up, the nuts aren't as tasty for humans as normal pistachio trees, but they will bring a lot of energetic bird activity to your grounds each year.

Whether you've got half an acre to decorate or a small strip of flower beds, these brilliant fall plants are sure to bring your Michiana fall landscape project to a beautiful conclusion. Throw in a few pumpkins and perhaps a friendly scarecrow and you're ready for autumn in style.