4 Ways to Build an Unforgettable Outdoor Workspace

When it comes to improving efficiency, nothing beats an upbeat and relaxed workforce. When your employees are happy at work, they become more efficient and productive without the risk of mistakes caused by stress. Exposure to natural environments like parks and have been proven time and time again to reduce stress and improve both health and satisfaction in modern professionals and companies across the country are picking up on the trend of creating an outdoor workspace for employees.

What are they? Just think of an outdoor workspace as a break room featuring sunshine, trees, and grass rather than sticky floors and a microwave. In fact, with laptops and mobile devices, you can even reward effective employees with the opportunity to spend their independent work time outside. While a few benches and shade trees may be enough for some, if you want your employees delighted with every trip to your outdoor workspaces, you can use a few unique landscaping techniques to make your space absolutely unforgettable. If you're not sure where to start, we've got a few ideas that are sure to be a hit.

1) Rooftop Gardens

You don't actually have to have access to the ground in order to build an outdoor workspace. Flower beds can be set up on your rooftop areas and even trees can be grown in deep planters to provide a natural beauty to any outdoor area. This can provide your employees not only with a chance to literally smell the flowers, it can also create a beautiful view of the cityscape while they take their well-deserved breaks. Time spent in the rooftop garden workspace will leave your employees refreshed and inspired.

2) The Clubhouse Treehouse

Nothing inspires relaxation like a sense of fun. Treehouses, both on and off the ground, are not just beautiful and shady ways to spend time outside, they also create an exciting and even nostalgic work experience. Treehouses bring to mind a sense of exclusivity and childhood games, but they also provide a quiet, even solemn environment to meditate, enjoy the dappled shadow of leaves, and focus on work tasks when your employees are working outside. One of the best things about a treehouse is that it can be opened up to the breeze in the warmer months but continues to be useful as an outdoor retreat shuttered and heated when the weather gets cold.

3) Secret Spaces

Many business parks and outdoor spaces have paths and benches, but if you really want to create private and relaxing spaces for employees to recreate and work, try building secret getaway spaces. With the clever use of hedges, stone walls the natural contours of the land, you can create private nooks furnished with cozy chairs, hammocks, and even hidden power ports that will delight your employees. By surrounding your outdoor workspace with plenty of foliage, you create the kind of comfortable privacy that will allow your employees to relax and focus, free from the distractions even of their fellow recreating co-workers.

4) Al Fresco Snackbar

What's the one thing that most break rooms have that outdoor workspaces don't? The answer is, of course, access to coffee and snacks. Rather than forcing your employees to choose between their caffeine fix and spending a few moments among the trees, why not simply set up some tasty snack bar near where the outdoor enthusiasts gather? At minimum, a coffee maker and vending machine will make a big difference but if you're really investing in employee (and visiting client) happiness, you might consider building an entire trendy snack bar complete with muffins.

Whether you choose to construct something simple and elegant or go all-out with tree houses and hide-aways, your employees are sure to appreciate the freedom to enjoy nature on their off time and perhaps even get some work done in the pleasant shady breeze.